Birthday Babes

Party Animal Birthday Theme, Party Favors

  All the feels as I sit here and recap celebrating the twins first birthday. We had their party a week early since Ryan has drill on their actual birthday. It doesn’t feel real that the girls have been around for a year. They are such a part of our every thought that it’s hard to […]

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Wombmates to Roommates

One of the many things I was excited about when I realized I was pregnant was planning a nursery. Any excuse to design a room, I’m in. At first I worried… what do you absolutely need two of with two babies. I read all kinds of blogs and got all the answers.. “you need two […]

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Liquid Gold

Can we talk about breastfeeding? I want to talk about it now because my days of breastfeeding are disappearing before my very eyes and I am so bummed about it! Interestingly enough before I had the twins I was not convinced breastfeeding was going to be “our thing”. During the first week in the hospital, […]

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